IHop update

Greetings Brothers, this morning I had a call from our Brother IHop!!! He made my day. He brought me up to date on his condition and asked me to pass along to the Membership how much he misses his Brothers and he apologized because his nurse put his phone on vibrate and therefore he missed all his calls. I told him to leave it that way and take as much time as he needs to heal. No one ever doubted or thought he forgot about us. We all just respected his condition and all want him to just get better. I assured him that he is on everyones mind. We had a few good laughs and talked about Crimestoppers as well as a few other Chapter events. The bottom line is that IHop is in good spirits although he is not yet out of the woods. He is, however, on the road to recovery. The most important thing to our Brother was that everyone knows he is thinking about us and he is very much looking forward to seeing everyone when he is back in action. KFFK

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